Driving for Charity

The drivers and campaign team at the launch

The drivers and campaign team at the launch

The challenge was to drive 2,500 miles, taking 12 days to complete and to engage as many people as possible. The main beneficiaries were the Anthony Nolan, the Stroke Association and the Rik Basra Campaign. The purpose was to raise funds and more importantly to raise awareness of some life-changing and life-saving facts.   

The Nishkam Centre was honoured to be selected as the start point for the prestigious Driving for Charity event. The challenge was to travel from Land’s End to the UK’s most northern point, John O’Groats. Prior to the start of the tour there was a visit to the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (GNNSJ) Gurudwara on Soho Road for an Ardaas – a prayer for a safe and successful undertaking. 

The two drivers Maninder Sanghera and John Allen were elated about the success of the event. They were able to raise precious funds for the charities and raise awareness amongst some very diverse and sometimes remote communities about the desperate need for help. 

The charities to benefit are the Anthony Nolan – saving the lives of people with blood cancer and the Stroke Association – providing support to stroke victims and their families. The drive was also providing support and raising awareness for the Rik Basra – Save A Life Campaign for leukemia sufferers. The cross-country trek passed through many cities and tourist attractions on the route to raise awareness. The focus was to connect with people from the Asian / Afro-Caribbean and other ethnic communities as there is currently an acute shortage of donors from these communities for the Anthony Nolan.
Many people have participated in this good cause by donating and assisting to raise awareness amongst diverse communities. We encourage everyone to visit the following websites where you will find more information about the crucial work these charities undertake.

Stroke Association www.stroke.org.uk

Anthony Nolan www.anthonynolan.org

Rik Basra www.rikbasra.com
Some key statistics to ponder over, every 23 minutes a child or an adult is diagnosed with a blood cancer and every 5 minutes, someone suffers a stroke, even babies. By supporting and partnering with the Anthony Nolan, the Stroke Association and the Rik Basra Campaign, we can all promote and assist a cause that is in immense need of attention within our communities.

Ajit Singh, Operations Manager at the Nishkam Centre, said, “We have partnered with the Rik Basra team and Anthony Nolan before in 2011 and we were thrilled to get nearly 300 people turn out to an event at Nishkam where many donors were recruited to join the Anthony Nolan Register. We would encourage all communities to get involved and support where they can.”  

He went on, “it is crucial that we raise the awareness of why Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities need to register with Anthony Nolan for this reason we supported this initiative. We are pleased that the trek took the team to shopping malls, theme parks and more importantly Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Churches and other places of worships”.     

For more information on the event please visit www.sites.google.com/site/drivingforcharity and to support / donate please visit the charity links above.


For further information please contact:                                                                

Nishkam Civic Association,

The Nishkam Centre,     

6 Soho Road, Handsworth,

Birmingham, B21 9BH.

Tel: 0121 525 4229

email: info@ncauk.org


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