Launch of Creative English course tackles deep rooted issues

The Creative English Course launched nationally by FaithAction and delivered locally by the Nishkam Centre is set to tackle many of the community’s concerns and issues. On 13th November 2013, FaithAction won the funding to deliver Creative English, a new programme that uses unique and innovative ideas to teach English. The programme is funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government as part of its £6 million investment in teaching English to the most isolated groups in England. 

FaithAction has worked with Queen Mary University to design and research unique and innovative ways of teaching English, creating a programme that uses interactive ‘soap opera’ style sessions to develop English language abilities that can empower its beneficiaries and prove effective in real-life situations. In contrast to traditional approaches, Creative English is delivered by trained volunteers that come from local faith communities and groups, who can quickly establish a rapport with their audience.

The programme will reach 1,200 individuals, equipping them with the English language skills they need, as well as supporting them on their journey to social action or further education. The Nishkam Centre as an anchor organisation is fortunate to be helping all the communities to engage together and build an understanding to break down barriers. This programme provides a fun way to do that.

The course is developed for people from all communities especially where language and fear of the unknown can create divisions between groups. The goal is to provide all students with confidence and improve their self-esteem while speaking in real life situation in a fun way.

The Nishkam Centre has had volunteers trained who deliver the course consisting of 12 sessions which lasts for 2 days a week over a six week period.  The Centre is currently running the course on a Thursday and a Friday. FaithAction created the course to enable and engage people from all communities to participate and address barriers especially those unable to speak English. Those who have enrolled on the course have already shown:

  • An increase in self-confidence
  • Improved interaction with those of other communities
  • The ability to communicate in English, when shopping, filling out forms, speaking to people
  • Confidence in getting to know each other better in a group, improving  skills which were transferable
  • Improved people skills

The Nishkam Centre is targeting to trained 60 people who will no doubt be nervous, lacking self-belief and confidence, not able to hold their own in public to a more confident person, happy and pleased with their progress and new found skills.

“It was important that learners are exposed to a friendly atmosphere and are part of a group of people who have a similar drive to learn” commented Narinder Kaur, one of the trainers. “By getting everyone to share experiences we find learning is made easier and people are keen to converse and build a relationship” she went on.

“To break the ice we play games to relax the students and to encourage them to come up with different exercises” commented Sia Grover, the other volunteer trainer. “we must give people the opportunity to learn English so they can play a more active role in society and as we know, we can all add value in one way or another”.







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