Nishkam Civic Association announces Strategic review

With lockdown easing, forward-thinking charities have been positioning themselves to be more resilient, service focused, strategically connected and relevant in the post-Covid world. As we witness cuts in public spending, reductions in the grants and other funding that became available for businesses and the third sector to reach out to the most disadvantaged communities, the landscape is changing. There is now a greater need to build on existing partnerships, given that interfacing with government agencies and other supporting organisations is crucial to innovating further solutions for communities affected by the pandemic.

Birmingham based Nishkam Civic Association (NCA), also known as the Nishkam Centre, is now strategically positioning itself for the challenges ahead. It has announced the appointment of Amrick Singh Ubhi to a newly created senior executive position of Director of Nishkam Civic Engagement and Partnerships to guide the strategic development of the charity and its sister group of organisations over the challenging years ahead. An essential element of this new role will be to ensure that the spotlight placed on the humanitarian work of faith and business communities during the pandemic is supported, recognised and strengthened. The Nishkam Board is also pleased to announce the promotion of Ajit Singh to the position of Nishkam Civic Association Director

Bhai Sahib, Bhai Mohinder Singh KSG OBE
Chairman, Nishkam Civic Association

Bhai Sahib, Bhai Mohinder Singh, Chairman of the Nishkam Civic Association, said: “We have appointed Amrick Singh to this post in recognition of his dedication and hard work over the past fourteen years. We also thank him for overseeing the Charity’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and for his support to many mutual aid projects and initiatives across the City and beyond. He has played a pivotal leadership role in linking faith communities together with multi-agency strategic teams during these challenging times. We know that, with Ajit Singh heading the NCA, the team will position the services to meet the new challenges that the sector and its communities will be encountering over the next three post-Covid years.”

Amrick Singh Ubhi Director, Nishkam Civic Engagement and Partnerships

Amrick has led the NCA team since 2007 and – in the spirit of nishkamta or selflessness – has made outstanding contributions in the fields of community service, the development of interfaith relations and engagement, supporting the work of charities and cohesion-building. He has taken on many voluntary Board roles to support other organisations and to assist them where he can in building meaningful and productive partnerships. For many, Amrick’s drive to connect communities – and to strengthen and support many positive initiatives being generated locally, nationally and internationally – has been inspirational.

On his new appointment, Amrick Singh said, “I am delighted to be given an opportunity to consolidate the last fourteen years’ work with key local, regional and national civic, community and business organisations. We now need to guide the group of organisations to further develop strategic partnerships, to plan their growth in line with the highly dynamic new landscape whilst we bring to fruition the long-term strategic deliverables. I look forward with optimism to spending more time with faith, business, third sector and political leaders as we plan for an uncertain future, aiming to serve the most disadvantaged and to create a fairer, more just society.”

Ajit Singh Nishkam Civic Association Director

As Ajit Singh takes on the Nishkam Civic Association Director’s role, the team will also see a number of new posts being created to support the delivery of NCA’s exciting Strategic Plan for 2021 – 2024. Ajit has served as Operations Manager and, more recently, the Contracts Manager at the NCA for the past ten years.  He has made a significant contribution to the design, delivery and management of many services which benefit local and regional communities. “I’m thrilled to be promoted to the role of Director, leading the next phase of our development. The pandemic has enabled us to reflect and realign our priorities over the coming months and years – we see exciting and challenging times ahead.”


For further information, a high-res photo, or to arrange an interview, please contact Prof Upkar Pardesi OBE, Vice-Chairman at or mobile: 07974150320.

Notes to Editors

  1. The Nishkam Civic Association (NCA), fondly known as the Nishkam Centre, is a unique organisation charged with the task of developing a dynamic Sikh faith-inspired civic agenda. It is one of the key Centres for Excellence founded by Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, a Sikh faith-based organisation dedicated to nishkam sewa (active, selfless volunteering) to serve the common good.  It is part of the Nishkam Group that is made up of the spiritual centre (the Gurudwara), the economic cooperative – MSS (Marg Sat Santokh, meaning ‘path of truth and contentment’), the Nishkam School Trust and the Nishkam Healthcare Trust.
  • Amrick Singh is a proud Brummie who gave up his corporate consultancy career 15 years ago to participate in charity work. He has devoted his career to lead in the voluntary sector and to serve the needs of voluntary and community organisations.  Amrick Singh is a well-known and respected person for civic engagement, Sikh/interfaith engagement and representation on community forums/panels.  He brings vast commercial and project management experience to make a difference to the voluntary work he undertakes. He is values-driven, a supportive yet ‘critical friend’ and a proactive partner to many. His extensive experience in supporting people in organisations to ‘uplift themselves and others’ is commendable as is his passion to see everyone excel.
  • Ajit Singh, born and raised in Handsworth, Birmingham, has a long-standing affinity to the locality. He has developed a strong understanding and tacit knowledge of local communities and the challenges faced by many. His background in business and in the advice sector, along with his extensive time at NCA, have provided Ajit with the ideal platform to develop and deliver innovative and creative projects designed to be client-centred and culturally appropriate, with an emphasis on self-reliance and empowerment.  Ajit has developed an excellent understanding of grant funding, forging a track record of securing and delivering projects, producing high quality measurable outcomes and impact and bringing sustainable benefits to communities.

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