Central News Article- Near Neighbours Faithful Friends in Birmingham

Central News article captures great work carried out by Near Neighbours Projects bringing faith communities closer together. The article includes an interview with Bishop David Urquhart and Narinder Kaur Chaplaincy co-ordinator at the Nishkam Centre. Narinder shared how Near neighbours funding supported a chaplaincy training project for volunteers of diffrent faiths. This also helped to develop many Faithful relations with people of diffrent faiths. Near Neighbours launched a photo exhibition which captured and shared many of the special relationships which have been developed.


2014 New Year’s Message from Bhai Sahib Bhai Mohinder Singh 

For English translation, please visit YouTube link and click on ‘captions’ link at the bottom of the video (

Five Centres Video

All Party Parliamentary Group visit Birmingham to witness ‘faith in action’

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Faith and Society, chaired by Stephen Timms MP, including Jim Dobbin MP, Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Baroness Kathleen Richardson and Lord Sheikh visited Birmingham to explore how faith based initiatives are promoting wellbeing and providing services in the City.

Pledging local action to address global challenges for World Interfaith Harmony Week

In the dawn of World Interfaith Harmony Week (3-9 February 2013), the Nishkam Centre became the setting for a diverse gathering of communities, voluntary and faith organisations, who came together to discuss ways in which interfaith activities can help solve the challenges of poverty in Birmingham and beyond.

Papal Knighthood Bestowed upon Bhai Sahib Bhai Mohinder Singh

Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh Ahluwalia was created a knight by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in recognition of his dedicated work for Roman Catholic Sikh relations and for his enthusiastic commitment to working for peace among people of all faiths.

Aston Villa FC at the Nishkam Centre

Aston Villa FC’s footage of the visit to the Nishkam Centre, GNNSJ Gurudwara and Nishkam School to celebrate the Equality & Diversity Award the club received.

Central News Article- Near Neighbours Faithful Friends in Birmingham

Faith in Justice Conference by Jubilee Debt Campaign & Nishkam Centre

Faith in Justice — Dharmic Faiths Conference was organised as part of World Interfaith Harmony Week 2012 by Jubilee Debt Campaign & Nishkam Centre

Nishkam – Life, Love and Service: A Sikh perspective

This short film shares the concept of NISHKAMTA — selfless service. It aims to educate and inspire viewers to learn more about the Sikh Dharam and practise the core values discussed.

Why Interfaith?

Karen Armstrong is the author of nearly twenty books, including The Great Transformation, A History of God, and The Spiral Staircase, a spiritual memoir.  Chair, Stephen Sackur, presenter of BBC’s HARDtalk.

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2012 at Nishkam Centre

This video captures some brief glimpses of the recent United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week event held at the Nishkam Centre, Birmingham.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message of truthful living 

‘Truth is High, Higher Still is Truthful Living’ is a short film produced as part of the ‘Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum 1999.

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